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Former SFPD Homicide Detective, Ethan Allen McCoy (“Mack”), suffers from PTSD due to some unfortunate on the job experiences. Now retired and working as an investigator for life insurance companies, he finds himself piecing together clues to the recent serial murders that have been taking place...

“Hey, Mister. Are you alright?”

“Of course he’s not alright, idiota. He’s been shot.”

Mack laid helpless on his back on the dirty-gray, Mission Street sidewalk. The small crowd surrounding him left a space in their middle just big enough for the length of his body and not much more. He knew he had a hole in his gut. On his way down, he saw the blood on his officer blues. He felt no pain. Mostly he felt humiliated; his job was to protect the people around him but he was unable to move. He couldn’t even see straight. 

Sitting at his kitchen nook, now safe from any harm, Mack sank into the memory of this incident. He found himself back on the streets as if it were real. It was more like he watched a film for the second time rather than to revisit a recollection. It was always exactly the same.  And in a very real way, it was real. It was, right then, happening.


Robert Louis Mueller is an experienced writer and former labor lawyer who eventually specialized in representing law enforcement personnel in northern California and Nevada, including instant crime scene responses for officer involved shootings.

He knows cops intimately – the good and the bad -- their pride, their politics and voices. Through authenticity and passion, he intends to win their validation – to pitch EO to readers’ groups and reviewers.

Embarcadero One is built around a traditional three act structure and is being marketed in conjunction with Mueller’s first reference book, the narrative nonfiction, Bullying Bosses: A Survivor’s Guide, which won glowing international peer and press reviews as well as numerous, widely published articles on that subject ( Originally self-published, it remains topical today, as does his second reference book, Sociopaths As Villains: A Writer’s Thesaurus (1,001 True Tells). These, in addition with numerous articles, will be helpful in promoting Embarcadero One.

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international peer & press reviews
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